Some parts for TL, T10 commonly referred to as a split bed tool room lathe.

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Comes standard with a 12 station turret that holds up to 24 tools; interfaces for through-tool coolant, bar feeds and chip conveyors; machine crash protection; PCMCIA.


Mount to a lathe's spindle to hold round workpieces. tooling that came with a Hardinge lathe. 816kb.

5” long.

Rebuilding a Hardinge HLV-B Before and After History and first steps. . Equipped with: #3MT Spindle.

List Price: $17,563. .



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Mount to a lathe's spindle to hold round workpieces.

In Hardinge I have some parts for HLVH, HLV-BK, and HLV.

10K Grease #50 Cartridge Kit.

The frame is appropriate for Hardinge. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Size of Lathe Tool— Wedge-Type Tool Post (3/8" x 3/8") O Rocker-Type Tool Post (3/8" x 1") O Precision Carbide and Indexable O Insert Finishing Tools Hardinge HDB Precision Bushings O Accessories Fast-Change Tool Holder O Steady Rest/Follow Rest O HTL Square Production Turret O L6 Indexing Turret O Tailstock Centers O Rear Tool Holder Slide.

. tlfamm. Includes the proper over sized 5/16" nut requiring a 9/16" wrench. 5C Dead-Length Collet Block, 7799-00-00-000097. .


Of the brand hardinge, A control -> manual and a model -> hardinge dsm59, A power source electric in the same way as a machine type turret lathe, A phase : three ¬. 3” maximum turning diameter on parts up to 25.

A very important factor in manufacturing collets, feed fingers and pads that are long lasting and.

Very similar to the motor on the above Hardinge thread cutting lathe.

Hardinge Spindle Tooling: Automatics, Turret Lathes, Rotary Transfer Machines (2287G) 2287G.

List Price: $233.